Thursday, July 19, 2012


Things have been quite busy here getting ready for vacation.  Sorry for not posting regularly.  Here is what is on my desk this week, I am getting ready for Papertrey Ink's Stamp a Faire
I have my huge box of goodies there on my desk all ready to go.  Printed out the supply lists, think I prety much have everything that is needed, and if I dont, well no big deal.  I am not yet sure I want to wake up on Saturday morning at 7am, and we want to hit the farmer's market, so my plan is to get up about 8, do the 7 and 8 am projects, hit the market, come back and catch up and make cards the rest of the day!

Anyone else participating in the Stamp-a-Faire?  Would love to chat during the day with you!  Leave me your email addy in your post (stupid blogger doesnt give me any way to reply directly to your comment) or email me directly at (remove spaces of course, you know) mykemma at gmail dot com.

Join Julia at Stamping Ground and all us Wednesday snoops as we invade workdesks across the country and around the world. And thanks as always for leaving your number.

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Mindy Adams said...

Thanks for the share and for the visit to my desk. I am not in the Stamp a Faire, but now that I hear about it. I might have to at least check it out.

Love how neat and colorful your desk is. Hope to see you next week and thanks for becoming a follower.

Mindy - The Determined Scrapper