Monday, October 8, 2012

Copic Certification Classes complete!

Wow what an extraordinarily busy two days!  I attended the Copic Standard and Intermediate classes this past week and wow it was hard but it was also fun.  I met a lot of really great people including our instructor Colleen Schaan.

Friday was the Standard Cert class.  This class has more lecture than coloring, but we still got to try several things.  Some of these are rather boring without context but it gives you an idea of the stuff we did.  We did some blending and some experimentation with the colorless blender here:

Then Saturday, an extra long day, was the Intermediate.  Wow I have to say, if you are not familiar with Copics, and have not either done Colleen Schaan's books, this class could be overwhelming.  There were a few concepts that were difficult, especially people, for me, but now I know what I need more work on.  Here is some of the work I did for that class.  There is a great section on trees, which nature really is more of what I like to color, we did some work on faces, and hair which you can also see below, and then a lighting one with the candle.
And then the last two hours of class we spent coloring our final project.  This lovely lilac:

I think it turned out great!  The scanner just doesn't do it justice.