Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cooking with Cricut Cartridge Showcase

Cartridge Showcase: Imagine Blast Off

Good morning everyone!  Today I wanted to showcase an Imagine cartridge.  In case you are not familiar with the Cricut Imagine, it is the only Cricut machine that can print and cut images.  The machine can use both your standard Cricut cartriges as well as the special Imagine cartridges.  Note, you cannot use an Imagine cartridge in most older regular Cricut machines, though the newest E2 Cricut machine can cut them (not print them) and has a separate slot to accept both kinds of cartriges.

One of the really neat things about using the Imagine, is the ability to make your own patterned paper.  Each cartridge comes with many patterns to chose from, and there are even cartridges solely for patterned paper. Here is a sheet that I created to show you:

Fun isn't it!  So then, how does someone make something with an Imagine?  Let's make one of the projects from the cartridge, a door hanger with a pocket, which I am assuming is for notes or what not.

First you start with white paper on your Cricut Mat.

Find the image you want to cut on the screen and click the plus to add it.  There are a few more screens where you select the size and number and other settings.  I won't bore you will all those screens.

 So now lets tell it to GO!
 First it will print, sending it out the back, then automatically
  it will bring it back through the front and then cut the image out.   Take it off the mat
 For this particular project I thought it would be easier to score the folds first.
 and then fold all the creases and make sure things go together ok.
 I used 2 sided tape, but you can use glue and assembled it
 Then decorate, and of course put in the pocket a note!  All done!
 Doesn't it look nice on the door?

I have used this cartridge several times before, most recently for our Cooking with Cricut Challenge #86 making this wonderful door hanger.

This cartridge does have a fun alphabet on it.

I also made a large #4 for my grand daughter.

Thanks for baking with me!

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Suzanne said...

Perfect timing for this one Kemma. I am down to about 6 carts that I haven't used out of over 200 and most are Imagine ones so I need to try this. Thanks for prodding me.