Friday, January 13, 2012

Ink organization

This is for the task to declutter my craft area of my Crafting New Years Resolutions.  This is just a start.

I wanted to do something to rearrange my inks, that are always stacked up and then I cannot find the blending foam that goes with each very easily.

I have seen folks before use velcro and stick each foam to the bottom of the ink. I found a scrap of velcro and cut small pieces of the rough side and stuck them to the bottom of each of my Tim Holtz Distress inks.  Then I stuck a blending foam pad to each.

I saw on another blog someone used an old wooden cassette tape tray to organize their inks, one per slot that a cassette would go in.  Looking on ebay, there were several but they were pricey and I was worried about them getting damaged in transit or what if the ink pads didn't fit.  When I measured a Distress Ink pad, it was exactly the same height as a standard cassette case.  A good friend of mine works at an estate seller, so I asked her and long story short, they didnt have any where she worked, but they personally had a couple they wanted to get rid of!  Win!  They had two, a larger 50 slot and the regular single cassette 100 slot.  I am starting with the 50 slot, as I can fit 2 inks per slot, with foam and found I had a lot of space left.  So I added spools of ribbon and other handy tools I use all the time so it's all in easy reach!

Hmmm, I need more inks!

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