Friday, December 23, 2011

Hot Cocoa Treat Bags

I made these little treat type bags for the 8 kids at the bus stop.  They have homemade hot cocoa mix in them, semisweet and white choco chips, marshmallows and candy canes in them.    The first one I made the cocoa went all over the bag, so I put the mix inside a zip lock in the bag, then the other items didnt get powder all over :)   Here is a better photo of the contents:
 Michael created the text for the inside for me.  See that photo of the hot chocolate?  Michael took that photo here!  Isn't he fantabulous?  He put this all together for me, and we printed it on the inside of the gold card stock and then I created the little tag on the outside with scraps and some stamps I have.  We tied up the contents into another bag, and voila wonderful treats, with enough stuff to serve about 4-6.

I got the inspiration from this by watching this video on My Pink Stamper.

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