Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CHA Pennant Contest Entry

I put the most work into this than I have for any challenge so far.  Quite elaborate I think :)
I didnt win but I did see a glimpse of it on a webcast!

The Cricut Circle Team is excited to meet all the Circlets at the ROADTRIP TO CHA crop on Friday, July 22nd.  
Although the event is full, the Cricut Circle Team has two ways for everyone in the Circle to participate—this includes attendees. 
1.  Provo Craft will be having a pennant contest.   The ‘pennant’ you are creating is a way for you to showcase your state, country, or providence.  (See a sample at the top of this post.)  We will be using all the pennants to decorate the room and make one giant banner. 
The requirements include:
a.      Theme:
The pennant should be your representation of the state, providence or country of your choosing.
b.      Pennant Size and Shape
The pennant shape is from the BIRTHDAY BASH CARTRIDGE.  The ‘pennants’ that can be used are in the <font> section on pages 58-70.  Please use a ‘fit to page’ for a 12×12 inch piece of paper.  Pennants larger than 12×12 will be disqualified.

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